Include the script

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


    // Storing the unique session id in the URL
    if (!location.hash) {
        location.hash = SecureLine.newGuid();

    var uniqueId = location.hash;

    var onLineSecured = function (initiator) {
        // Secure line established, send any secure message using
        // SecureLine.send("[Event Name]", "[Optional data]")
        // [initiator === true] for first client

    var onMessageReceived = function (event, data) {
        // Callback when a message is received

    SecureLine.init(uniqueId, onMessageReceived, onLineSecured);

Notice this page already added a hash in the URL and ready to establish a secure connection. Open this page to another tab or device and check the console for an example.